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All He Wanted Was A Tall Frosty One

All He Wanted Was A Tall Frosty One
I suppose breaking & entering was a bad idea though…
Source: Mainichi Interactive

Drunk teacher arrested for stealing neighbor’s beer

KOBE — An Osaka high school teacher has been arrested for sneaking into a neighbor’s apartment and drinking his beer, it was learned Monday.

The 42-year-old math teacher, Yoshimasa Tamada, has admitted to the allegations of theft. “I went in because I was little bit curious about his residence,” Tamada was quoted by police as saying.

Masayasu Tagashira, principal of the Osaka Prefectural Minoo High School where Tamada worked, could not hide his surprise.

“He is a serious man and has a good rapport with his students. I still cannot believe it,” the principal said.

Tamada, of Itami, Hyogo Prefecture, reportedly found a key to the room of a 41-year-old man living in the same apartment complex on Sunday night.

He used the key to enter the room and stole a can of beer from a fridge and drank it, police said.

The resident bumped into the teacher as he was leaving his apartment and detained him.

Tamada was drunk at the time.

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All He Wanted Was A Tall Frosty One

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