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William Shatner Wins Beatles Cover Award

Did I forget to mention it was the worst cover? :)
Source: Yahoo! News

Boldly going for worst Beatles cover

LONDON (Reuters) – Star Trek star William Shatner’s version of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” has been picked as the worst Beatles cover of all time.

His spoken word massacre of the Beatles classic was chosen as the biggest crime against the Fab Four in a poll conducted by the digital TV channel Music Choice.

Second place went to TV’s singing piglets Pinky and Perky for their unforgettable “All My Loving.”

Former Formula One Star Damon Hill made fourth position for his version of “Drive My Car” while Hollywood star Jim Carrey reached number six with his “I Am The Walrus.”

“”The likes of Damon Hill, Jim Carrey and William Shatner are best advised to stick to the day job,” said Simon Bell of Music Choice.

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William Shatner Wins Beatles Cover Award

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