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“Worst Movie Ever” Made Into “Worst Stage Play Ever”

Xanadu movie adapted into screen play

Xanadu, the 80’s film starring Olivia Newton-John about the daughter of Zeus encouraging a human to build a disco rollerskating rink, is being adapted into a stage play to be produced on Broadway.

One of my dear friends is obsessed with this movie. I can guarantee the movie is brought up at least once a week by either her or her husband, either in comparison or in jest, or just to talk about “That Suck Guy.”

Xanadull (as the phrase was coined by those same friends) was quite possibly one of the worst movies ever made. I place it up there with other shitcan classics like “Surf Nazi’s Must Die” and “Rock ‘N Roll Mom.” Now it’s being revived for a whole new generation of people to make fun of it.

From TFA:

The musical is scheduled open in early May at the Helen Hayes Theatre. Songs are by Jeff Lynne and John Farrar, who provided tunes for the movie. The book is by Douglas Carter Beane, author of “The Little Dog Laughed,” a comedy currently playing at Broadway’s Cort Theatre.

No casting for “Xanadu” was announced, but a workshop production earlier this year featured Jane Krakowski and Cheyenne Jackson. The film starred Olivia Newton-John as that helpful Greek muse, Michael Beck and movie-musical legend Gene Kelly.

Isn’t this another sign of the Apocalypse?


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"Worst Movie Ever" Made Into "Worst Stage Play Ever"

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