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Macword 2007 and the iPhone: Nerdgasm Extreme

Apple's iPhone - iPod, Cell Phone, and Internet Device in one

Holy Christ on a Cracker. Steve Jobs just gave every Mac fanboy and electronic gizmo afficianado a huge nerdgasm by announcing that the much-rumoured Apple iPhone and the new full-screen touchscreen iPod are the one and same device.

A few highlights of the phone:

  • Completely touchscreen, no stylus. Detects accidental touches (like in your pocket/backpack/purse/etc), and uses multi-touch to activate and use all controls on the phone.
  • iTunes integration – Manage contacts, calendar appointments, and tasks, as well as upload photos, videos, tv shows, movies, and of course music.
  • Full Screen Web access – No more tiny cell version of web pages. It can view full size web sites with the ability to zoom in and scroll by simply touching the screen.
  • 2-megapixel Camera and Photo Editor – Expand, resize, crop and zoom on photos and instantly make them your background. iPhone detects whether to take the picture in landscape or portrait mode depending on how you hold the phone.
  • EDGE, Bluetooth and WiFi Enabled – Automatically switches to a WiFi signal to use internet access, otherwise uses the EDGE protocol.
  • Portrait and Landscape view – The phone will automatically switch the orientation of the screen depending on how you hold the phone.
  • Cover Flow for music – Straight out of iTunes 7, you can now view your albums in the “Cover Flow” mode, ie by scrolling through your album covers to find music.
  • Widgets – Weather, stocks, and more
  • Google Maps – Full application for the phone that shows the maps, traffic reports, and locations of businesses. Steve Jobs demonstrated this by showing the map of the area, and then finding a nearby Starbucks on the map and dialing directly from the map.
  • Yahoo Mail and Search integration – I’d prefer gMail, but this is still pretty cool. Blackberry-like email integration with full capabilities.

The keynote is still going on, but so far this has me completely sold on my next cell phone purchase. The price is going to be $499 for the 4gb model (with two year contract), and $599 for the 8gb model, to be released in June 2007 exclusively with Cingular/AT&T.

Check out Engadget’s live coverage of the Macworld 2007 conference, with many more high res pictures of the phone in action and a few of the other product announcements (along with the Apple iTV).

UPDATE: The official Apple site for the iPhone is now up and features a fully interactive demo of most of the features on the phone.

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Macword 2007 and the iPhone: Nerdgasm Extreme

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