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Google Paid Me!

Google paid me!

Oh happy day!

I installed Google’s AdSense banners on this site back in February 2006, but took them down for a while while I was still in the midst of theme-switching. By that time I had accrued less than $20, so I really wasn’t concerned. I eventually added one back around November, and immediately I was making at least few dollars a month.

Around February of this year, the AdSense dollars per month was averaging out to be around $10 which is also coincidentally the same price of my web host. Basically The Daily Haggis was paying for itself, which pleased me to no end.

With the last redesign I added the additional ad banner on the sidebar and now it’s actually pushed the monthly earnings closer to $15-18. I’m actually making a profit off this silly website! (Roars with laughter)

Anyway, now that I’ve caught my breath, I’m excited today because I finally reached the $100 mark which is when Google will actually send you a check or (in my case) direct deposit right into your bank account. After the month of processing and such, today I noticed a $115 increase in my bank account.

Hooray! Now I’m going to go party on Google’s dime!

posted on August 28th, 2007 @ 6:06 pm by Sean Loyless (Haggis) | This article has been viewed 2,842 times.
Google Paid Me!

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