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Haggis MacBastard - The Daily Haggis

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San Antonio

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Guest on the FFundercats podcast, episode #12
Mentioned on FFundercats #13
Shout out on the Geek Troika podcast episode #14 for the iTunes review I wrote.
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Smokin’ – Contributing Editor

I guess I’m supposed to tell you about myself. Jeez, don’t you people have anything better to do than read this? Here goes.

I’m trying to be a writer, but I keep thinking people are not going to believe me!

Seriously, started out as a local journalist, got involved in local politics, left for the energy sector after that went sour. I’ve been working in oil/gas emergency response for about 4 years now, keeping myself afloat while I try to hammer out how I’m going to make a living pretending to write.

I love (in this order): Writing, my family, my friends, writing, food, books, my computer, music (everything except really heavy metal and new country), food, my television programs (what am I, like 90?), and a few movies. I think that about covers it. Oh, and food.

My life’s goal? Hey, as long as I’m still breathing and a crowd of people doesn’t follow me around laughing, I’m pretty good with whatever happens. Except more Adam Sandler movies. Sweet fancy Moses, he blows.

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